LavPro EN

LavPro case study

LAV’PRO Main Achievement 0 days Project delivery timeframe + 0 % Organic traffic increase Website Areas Covered Brand Redesign Web Redesign Online Advertising Technology Used Project description Lav’Pro is a Laundromat franchise network – similar to SpeedQueen – launched in 2016 and owned by Aqualogia. As the network is expanding, Lav’pro were looking for […]

Coastal Offroad EN

Coastal Offroad case study

Coastal Offroad MAIN ACHIEVEMENT + 0 % Online Sales + 0 % Traffic Increase 0 + New customers + 0 % Conversion rate increase Website Areas Covered Web Design E-Commerce Strategy Emailing Strategy SEO Strategy Online Advertising Strategy Customer Service Management (Ticketing) Technology Used PROJECT DESCRIPTION Founded in 2017, is an online store […]

Medial EN

Medial case study

+120% Franchise leads increase
+ 290+ Leads conversion
+ 38% Organic traffic increase
+ 5 New franchisees open