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Born at the heart of the franchise industry, Everfruit Digital is here to help franchisors and franchisees succeed their online growth.

From creating or redesigning your franchise website, to the implementation of online advertising campaigns or social medial management, we bring together our expertise, allowing you to focus on the development of your brand.

By partnering with us, wether if it is for your local or national online exposure, you’ll have everything you need at the same place in order to succeed.

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A Team of Experts
Devoted to Your Brand

A team of digital gurus dedicated to the digital strategy & development of your franchise business.

Mehdi Taleb


CEO & Founder 

After working as an Account Manager for one of the biggest franchise lead-generation portal world-wide, Mehdi had the chance to support 250+ French and international franchisors in their strategy of generating franchise candidates.

Being an entrepreneur by soul, in 2018, Mehdi founded Everfruit Digital. Digital marketing agency specialised in the Franchise industry.

Eliska Valtrova


Eliska is a Co-founder and a Creative Project Lead. With her strong design and project management background, she leads our team towards client successful project completion.

Njaka Rafali


Njaka is our project lead developer with extensive experience on building mid to large e-commerce websites in Europe and oversees, integrating custom solutions into client websites but also general website development work.

Anais Rhadi


Anais is our senior SEA manager. She is data and performance driven with a clear objective to drive high-qualified traffic to our clients websites and ensure every campaign is a success!


The words that strike, the sentences that will seek your candidates directly where they are, it is the super power of Cathy! With her creativity, her perfect mastery of writing and her big penchant for digital, she boosts your growth just with her keyboard. His magic wand? Copywriting, AIDA, SEO web writing and communication.

Marc Attaf


Lyonnais for 10 years now, Marc is passionate about cooking. What he loves most about cooking is discovering new dishes. Marc joined the team as a Franchise Growth Marketer and comes to expand our expertise in Franchise Growth Marketing. Hyper curious, he loves to set up acquisition strategies, tests, analyzes and optimizes them in order to boost the growth of your network.

New Hire


If you think you will be the right fit to our agency, we would love to hear from you!

A single solution to empower your brand

Offering everything you need to succeed, at the same place.

Brand positionning & Market Research


Digital Strategy


National & Local Search Engine Optimisation

Web Design & Development


Online Advertising

Social Media Management

Inbound Marketing


By partnering with us, we guarantee you to:

Promise #1

Work with a
team of experts

Every individual within our team has an extensive experience in the franchise industry and are digital marketing experts. As a bonus, we’re very driven and want the best results for your brand and your business.

Promise #2

Results-driven collaboration

We are data and result driven. We care about the growth of your business and we’ll make sure to provide a consistent and transparent collaboration with your brand. Ultimately what we’re delivering is peace of mind.

Promise #3


We’re a group of hardworking people who love to make great work and have fun while we do it. Our priority is to give you the best customer experience possible and enjoy working together.

Brands We Worked With

We are proud to have been working with some of the coolest brands of this era:

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