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Lav’Pro is a Laundromat franchise network – similar to SpeedQueen – launched in 2016 and owned by Aqualogia. As the network is expanding, Lav’pro were looking for a website to promote their new concept. As the franchisor was satisfied with the previous results of our collaboration with Aqualogia, 

it is naturally that they approached us for designing the branding of the network but also of their new website. Simple but powerful, the client chose a WordPress website which was perfect to start promoting this new concept.

Brand refresh


We first looked into the brand’s logo. The customer’s requirement was to design a logo reflecting their slogan “The laundromat made in France “. Clean lines with a mix of authentic colors and modern design, we naturally chose the color palette reflecting the French flag and the values ​​of the Lav’Pro brand.

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The client requirements were to have a fast loading website and also a platform where they could update content themselves as much as they need. In this case, we naturally chose WordPress, which is the simplest and most powerful platform for franchise institutional websites and yet, the marketing team of Lav’Pro loves it!


Online Advertising

Part of the collaboration included to setup and manage Lav’Pro’s online advertising strategy. Our SEA team focused on targeting franchise candidates with an “investor profile” that best matches the brand. As a result, we have been able to send the right traffic and the right candidates to them and as a result, some new candidates are in the pipeline and some new franchisees will open soon!

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